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ShiftGallery is a community founded back in 2023 that promotes info about John Deere 1025r tractor. Every day we check the quality of our articles and improve them so that the user is satisfied. We only make money from a little advertising. Our head office is located at 419 E Ord St, Laramie, WY 82070, USA. Also, you can write to our mail: [email protected]

Let’s talk a little bit about our team, we have 3 employees in total.

Steven Carter, CEO.

A third-generation farmer from rural Iowa. He has been using John Deere tractors on his family’s farm for over 20 years and swears by their durability and reliability. In his free time, John enjoys restoring vintage John Deere tractors and participating in local tractor shows.

Steven Carter

Richard Taylor, Technical Director.

A successful rancher from Texas. She runs a large cattle operation and relies on her fleet of John Deere tractors to handle the heavy workload. Jane is particularly impressed with the new technology available on the latest John Deere tractors, such as precision farming and remote diagnostics.

Richard Taylor

Janet Allen, SEO Engineer.

A professional landscaper from Colorado. He chose John Deere tractors for their versatility and maneuverability, which are perfect for the challenges of his job. Bob also appreciates the level of customer service he receives from his local John Deere dealer. In his free time, he enjoys competing in local tractor pulling competitions with his modified John Deere.

Janet Allen

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