John Deere 1025r Error Code 14

John Deere 1025r Error Code 14 Problems

While operating my John Deere 1025r tractor, I was moving away from a burn pile after pushing some brush and noticed a flashing exclamation mark on the dashboard and a number “14” on the LCD window. The warning cleared a few seconds later. I am not entirely sure if the number was “14” but regardless, the tractor did not stop and I was able to continue working for a couple of hours without any further issues. The Operator’s Manual does not include error codes, but a search on Google suggests a PTO coil fault. However, this does not make sense as the PTO was not engaged at the time and had not been used since mowing several months prior. Any suggestions on what the issue could be would be greatly appreciated?

Since I purchased it, my 2018 John Deere 1025r has occasionally displayed an error code 14. Initially, I was concerned, but the tractor continued to run smoothly until last week when the mid-pto failed to engage when the PTO switch was pressed. After researching forums and watching videos, I discovered a solution: disabling the RIO safety switch. Upon inspecting the RIO switch under my seat, I noticed that the set screw and attached arm were not properly aligning with the button on the switch. I resolved the issue by using zip ties to adjust the alignment and the error code disappeared. The PTO switch now functions correctly and I was able to avoid the cost of a trip to the dealership for repairs. I hope this information helps others experiencing the same problem. Also, you can check this video:

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